Thursday, June 21, 2012

Come Home by Lisa Scottoline

Come Home was extremely disappointing for me. I've heard great things about the author, Lisa Scottoline and her comparisons to Jodi Piccoult. Come Home had all the elements of a good Jodi book (yes, we're on  a first name basis). It has a woman heroine going through a person crisis, twists and turns and family issues. Unfortunately, that's where the comparison ends.

I absolutely did not relate to or feel for any characters in this book. The whole plot seems completely implausible. And not in the "omg that is unbelievable and would never happen but maybe it could!", but in the, "just no, this is dumb". And honestly, I thought the writing, mostly all the dialogue, was terribly written and just hard to read.

As you can probably guess by now, I don't recommend this book. I can also not see myself ever reading a Lisa Scottoline novel again. I'm sure some of you LOVE her and will think I'm just crazy. That's fine. 

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